Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shopping adventure at Festival Mall Alabang

Yesterday my sister asked me to go to Festival Mall Alabang with her and her hubby. She wanted to go around and check out baby stuff. At first I didn't want to go because I knew that if I'd go, I'll spend again(which I can't coz I need the budget for the new year celebration and the payday's way too far). sigh. I still went to the mall with them and was amazed at what I've found. 

Payless has a store in Festival Mall. I've already been at their Megamall store but it didn't WOW! me. Nothing special. I didn't see anything special about the store. I've heard alot of buzz about this place but where is it??? That was until yesterday. We've realized that the shoes were arranged as per size, which makes  shopping easier, and they even have up to size 12 even for women's shoes!! AWESOME! I've never shopped for a pair of shoes with that much fun and ease. I'm a size 11, sometimes 10, and its really difficult for me to shop for shoes around here. The Pinoy size is so petite. I'm going back to Payless next payday,definitely!hahaha... here's the gorgeous sandals I've bought yesterday...gorgeous ans sexy!Another good thing about this pair is that its made of PVC. same material with Grendha (which costs around P1500 or more). This pair only costs P995....happy-happy joy-joy!!

I thought this brand had already vanished since Dupe was bought by Havs but here it is, just bought a pair yesterday at Shopwise in Festival Mall. I love this brand, half the price for a pair of Havs but more durable. Unfortunately they didn't last much. Maybe because their designs aren't that good as Havs'.

Now, back to the nail polish world. I thought this kinda looked like Chanel Khaki Vert but it wasn't. sigh. Off to my search again. I guess the nearest dupe for it would be Essie's Sew Psyched. Need to get my hands on a bottle. 

Santa, are you reading this? Christmas is over but its never too late for a present right? I want a Chanel Khaki Vert or Black pearl pls. Or Essie's Sew Psyched would do just fine. which ever fits your budget. hehehe....
Caress Sea Green

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My gifts to myself

Finally got my Rescue Your Nails copy! Actually way back around the first week of December, just didn't have enough time to post about it here. hehehe...I bring this to work everyday so I can read it whenever I have free time.My co-workers saw it and they all have the same line, "a book about lame.kaartehan lang!" something like that. hahaha...well,they wouldn't understand I guess. I just ignore them. I'm learning alot from this book and I don't regret buying it.I even covered it with plastic wrapping to protect it.LOL. I had to literally call one National Bookstore branch to another just to check if they still have this. And finally, NBS' Best Seller at Robinson Galleria still have one copy left....the last one.Meant to be.LOL.

(I'm wearing Wet N' Wild Eggplant Frost in this picture)

The sticker says it all

I loved Wet N' Wild Blue Sapphire so I gave the brand another chance with a different color called Eggplant Frost. Its medium purple with a hint of blue in it. I loved it on my finger nails but unfortunately it doesn't have a staying power at all. I applied it for a Christmas party and then the following day, it already chipped. I didn't even do any chores at all the night before. sigh. too bad.
Sorry for the crappy picture, I had to post it 'coz this is how it really looked like in real life

pre-clean up. kinda looks like ORLY Velvet Rope with the glitters right?
And here's Skinfood's Strawl Hot that I wore last week. I love the shade of pink and how it attracts attention. A teammate of mine even said that its a "malanding pink".hahaha...I wore it for 7 days, I think...and no chipping! So pretty, right?

Since I'm into reading these days, I also got hooked on bookmarks. I bought these in Landmark for less than P30  for 4pcs.

I also saw these really cute stickers all about love. What really caught my attention was this one:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Etude House Haul

Went back to EH and naturally I bought nail polish bottles again hehehe... Then I saw this travel pouch and I fell in love with it once I opened it. The lining was thick enough to protect whatever inside and its PINK! need I say more? 

Here's what it looks like inside. It has pockets and compartments to secure your stuff.

Since my purchase is more than P500, I got this cute pen as a freebie. I was hoping it was a 2011 planner with Lee Min Ho's pictures but fate isn't that supportive. But I like the pen just the same. It compatible with my new  planner.

It has a cute caption, too. If you can't see it that much, it says " Catch Me If You Can.....Ms. Hot"

WH709 was one of the colors I've bought before and its only last week that I got to wear it. Its a deep gray but I'm not sure the code says "WH". Does it stand for white? Because they usually give the bottle a code based on its color family like GR605

And here's the EH store in Southmall, this is actually a sneak snapshot because the Store personnels wouldn't allow me to take pictures hehehe....They have a promo now that if your purchase is worth P1000 or more, you'll get a lip and cheek tint. I really wish they'll give away a planner with Lee Min Ho's pictures. :D

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steaks Unlimited

I was skeptic about this place before, it didn't look promising and I thought that their picture menu is just another Filipino entrepreneur's false marketing of their prods. You know what I mean,right? Like in the menu/ad the burger looks so big and tons of veggies in it BUT when its finally in front of you its suddenly the miniature version. The lettuce is a day old and the tomatoes are thinly sliced, the burger patty no where to be found.Aaargh...I hate it when that happens! Anyway, I gave this place a try and I'm glad that I did. Their T-bone steak is delish. All their food are P98 only, except for one. Even the desserts are really affordable. The downside is the space, its cramped.


I love that my T-bone swims in gravy...tasty gravy

Look at that menu, only 2 dishes are more than P98.

Not bad for an P88 dessert,right? Banana split is one of my all-time fave desserts!

These makes it my new fave spot to eat, a meal that fills me up but really tasty and also doesn't put a hole in my wallet. Another downside is that the banana split can't be prepared for take-out and their drinks only come in one size. A regular sized-glass.pbfft!

Colorful treasures

Etude House  opened a store in SM Southmall Las Pinas and i love it! The store is so girly and their prods are  affordable. I got so excited when I saw their store, unfortunately I didn't bring my camera then. But I did buy 3 of their nail polishes. On my second trip there, I bought another 6. hahaha...Enough blabbering and take a look at these babies.

GR605 (im currently wearing) and PP902

I bough a second bottle of  PP902 on my second visit to EH, I just love the pueple-ness of it

GR605 it looks different though in real life, I really need a camera with better lens

now this shot is a bit closer to reality. alot of my co-workers complimented this color.

PP902 it looks black in this shot but take a look at the picture below, that's the real color. i put glitters on my middle fingernail. it kinda looked like Velvet rope of Orly.

i really really love its purple-ness!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bobbie LUSH

I really love green nail polish, its cool to the eyes and there's soooo many shades to choose from. And from my last post until now I've been around the shops looking for pretty nail polishes. I was lucky that I've found a number of colorful treasures, mostly from Etude House. My first post though would be about a local fab find. here you go! :)

It really is a lush color ain't it? :) I'll look for more pretty colors from Bobbie soon. Hope they'll create more colors like this, its always red or tan/beige that they focus on. I hope they give us more fun and unique colors.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Face Shop BL606

Last saturday, my sister and bro-in-law went to my sister's OB GYN for her monthly check up (she's now about 4mos preggy yey! ). After which my sister was so bored at home, because she's on bed rest, and she wanted to go malling after months of being just at home. So we went to Alabang Town Center to have lunch and do some shopping. We passed by The Face Shop store and I couldn't restrain myself from checking their line of nail nail polish. I was like a kid in a candy store, as usual, I didn't know which bottle to pick up first nor which color to fix my sight on. I've always wanted to have a light blue nail color. I saw this bottle and instantly fell in love with it! The pictures will speak for itself.

Doesn't the color look pretty on my toe nails in my espadrille peep-toe sandals??? Love it!!! BUT as much as I love the color, I don't like the consistency. Its too thick for me, I had a difficult time applying it and sometimes the brush would pick stroke away what I've already applied on. It's only P95 per bottle. Will post my swatches on the other two colors soon!

Ebay best-buys

I bought a number of nail polishes on Ebay from my trusted seller. She used to sell Korean branded make-up and skin care prods only before but she she also sells a few bottles of nail polish, still Korean brands. What I love about this "suki" of mine is that her price is about half of the mall prices and if you buy P300 or more of items, you'll a get a freebie or two. I immediately bought 7 bottles from her/him,'s snapshot of the colors that I've tried so far.

Skinfood Pedicure Vita #10 Midori Shower

Pardon my faux nails, the size looks awful right?looks so fake! That's why after wearing them for 5 days, I took off my fake nails and decided to paint and wear my real nails. They're not yet normal length but I love them just the same. I'm more confident to show off my nail polish to people now knowing that it's the real me!  (^_^)   anyway, with this bottle, I loved the color because its bright and when I look at it it kinda has a relaxing effect on me. And the consistency for me is just right, think enough to apply it easily.No bumps nor waves. The smell is also minimal, another thing I liked about Skinfood nail polishes.

Skinfood Nail Vita #BR613 Mocha Gold

Yup, you're seeing it right! I bid goodbye to my nail extensions and am now proudly wearing my own painted nails.   (^_^)  My nail bed on my ring finger, on both my hands, are still awkwardly short but I don't care. I'm starting to grow my finger nails long and I'm thankful for the polishes. I haven't picked nor bitten on my finger nails for 3weeks now since I've decided  to paint and wear my own nails. I just love Skinfood nail polishes! They're easy to apply on my really short nail beds. No lumps. No bumps. No lines. My sister also loves this color because it doesn't make your skin look darker. It helps to brighten up your hands complexion. This is also good if you want a subtle nail polish color.

I bought these babies at only P100 for each bottle. At the mall if not mistaken, they're around P185 or more.Not sure.

Skinfood Pedicure Vita #5 French Kiss

I'm not so crazy about this color. It looks different from inside the bottle to when its actually applied on the nails. bummer!  *pout*  I'm still searching for that perfect shade of purple on my nails. Any suggestions?Will post the other colors I've bought online in the next few days.  :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A mountain of goodness

A few weeks back, my Team Leader was officially promoted as one and so we had a celebration in the team to congratulate her. My teammates who were in charge of the whole thing bought the food and I got to taste this really  luscious cake. It was a surprise for my tastes buds so last week I bought one for me and my family.

Its has meringue as base of the cake then vanilla cake/bread then whipped cream for the top layer topped with shreds of white chocolate and crushed pineapple in the center. Not the usual combination for me. If I heard of it before tasting it, I would think that it would be too sweet but not at all.I'm not really a fan of choco cakes so this is one is now one of my faves! Its only P470 at Claudette's cake shop in Salcedo Villlage,called White Mountain. and oh! it also has a bit of chocolate at the bottom center.