Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Post #1

I've been busy these past couple or three weeks since my cleaning lady has gone MIA on me plus one of my aunts from US is in town.I'm just dropping by for a quick and important post. I'm a Bruno Mars fan and I just love his music.I also love how he describes his music, "It's better if you don't understand; just listen and have a good time." A man of few words.sigh.I've been checking his website and the internet for the past week since I've heard from a friend that he'll be having a concert here in Manila.But I found nothing.Until today.I'm so psyched!I'll be filing for leave first thing in the morning for this date.hehehe....

I heart Bruno Mars! (^_^)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday night out at Star City

Being in the call center industry is quite toxic at times and very stressful most of the time. Foreign customers would yell at you over the phone. sometimes they also curse and discriminate us. Although its nothing personal but still it would get to you sometimes. You try to ignore it because its the company that they really are frustrated and upset with but we're only human and its in our nature to retaliate when we are being attacked. Not to mention the industry is numbers driven. You have to think and click fast! And because of the difference in work schedule, we don't have a normal life. I'm blessed that I got into a company that caters to the AU market, hence day shift. And I'm even more blessed to be part of a training batch that is full of people with different personalties. I've always believed that your training batch would always be your original family in the company. These people make my life at the office more fun and bearable. 

We went to Star City last Friday night after work to unwind and let loose. It was tiring but it was worth it. I had so much fun and felt like a kid again. We had fun riding all those "buwis-buhay rides" (life threatening rides,hehehe...) and it was memorable. Can't wait to celebrate our first year anniversary in the company. :)

Picture taking in the office while waiting for the others

Raisa likes nail polish too but in red hehehe....

Fueling up before hitting the rides

We were too scared to try the Star Flyer (a roller coaster ride where your feet are dangling in mid-air) so we just took pictures while waiting for the brave ones

Waiting for our turn for the classic Bump Cars

We hit all the rides that we can, including Lazer Blaster, and our batts are just empty.Tired but enjoyed every second of it.

What a way to end the week! hope we'd have this every month, I know i need one. And in case you wanted to know, I'm wearing Ethude House GR601 for my pedi and Wet N' Wild Caze "lust" for my mani.