Friday, August 26, 2011

Etude House GR608

I'm a fan of  nail polishes from Etude House. The bottle sis just the right size, not too big nor too small. The colors varies from safe nudes to bright-popping colors. Its very affordable too, the price ranges from P49 to P129 per bottle, depending on the collection. Here's a color that's not available locally, I don't know why but I call that discrimination ( hehehe!).  

This is called GR608 (why can't they give cuter names to their nail polishes??sigh.). I found this color on Ebay from a trusted seller. Its a really cool and cute shade of green. I call it avocado green. :) 

The names are located at the bottom of the bottles.

The color is great plus the consistency.But the opacity is a flop.Its very. . .very sheer!This was four coats but it looked too heavy on my nails.Very thick.Its like I used play-doh to color my fingernails.

See what I mean? Its too bad, I really love the color.But its just not pigmented enough.

In the next pictures  I've applied  OPI Black shatter  ( index and ring fingers) and Etude House Black crackle (middle and pinky finmgers)

Can you see the difference between OPI Black Shatter and the Etude House crackle polish? I love OPI Black Shatter because its not a cracked effect, it looks more like a 3 year old kid scribbled on your fingernails :) Love it!

GR608 is one of the Etude House nail colors that looks great but the formula isn't user friendly. I've tried wearing it twice but both attempts is a complete failure. The color complements my complexion but I tend to apply more coatings to make sure it won't have bald spots. I'm not sure if this color is available at other Etude House stores but if you like it, shoot me an email so I can give you the details of my trusted seller. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NYX matte nail polish

About two weeks ago I went to Glorietta 5 to visit a bookstore that was having a sale. Got hungry so I went upstairs to grab a bite. On the way I saw the store where I bought my first bottle of NYX nail polish (sorry,I can't remember the name of the store.The ladies there aren't so friendly.But they sell all sort of PX goods.Its near the escalator.). So I peeked and saw that they have the matte collection of NYX. But since I'm not much of a matte lover (plus the colors aren't that unique), I only bought 2 bottles.Matte Orange and Matte Navy,they weren't given a proper name.Sad.

For a matte nail polish,its not that matte at all.The middle and pinky fingers had Essie Matte About You on them.The other 2 fingers doesn't have any kind of top coat.

Same thing,middle and pinky fingers coated with Essie Matte About You.

And here's the glossy version.I used Caronia colorless top coat on this picture.It doesn't complement my complexion whether glossy nor matte.

                                        The shade actually looks more red-orange than orange.

But what I can say is that for a matte nail polish,its pretty easy to work with.Its not chalky nor too thick,for the formula that is.The brush is just kind of hard to maneuver because the cap is wide and round.It was hard to get a grip.

That's NYX Matte Orange for you.

And now,I'd like you to meet NYX Matte Navy.

Just like what the name says, its a navy blue bottle. Consistency was great too.Not too think but not runny as well. Great formula for a matte nail polish.I usually would have problems with matte nail polish because it tends to gather at the bottle's opening.And after a few minutes of application,it tends to be gooey.But not for these babies. Again, you might have a slight problem with the brush due to the round-wide cap.

Quite shiny for a matte nail polish,right?

If you want really matte,you would need a matte top coat.Here the index and ring fingers have the Essie Matte About You top coat.While the middle and pinky fingers are glossed with Seche Vite.As you can see, it looks black when its glossy.

                                               Which do you prefer,glossy or matte????

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Its an Orange-y world!

OK, before this post I've been searching for that perfect bottle of sunshine for my fingernails. I used to think that orange would an unwearable color for me since I don;t have a fair complexion, I thought I might end up looking like an MMDA traffic enforcer with the reflectors on my nails ( No offense,hehe). So I've been scouring the nail polish counters in every mall I could go to. No luck. Then I had my nails done at Posh Nails in BF Paranaque. Then I stumbled upon an Orly bottle of sunshine.No kidding. When I had it applied by the manicurista, I was really watching her keenly. We even both admired the color. It was a neon orange nor was it too bright to wear daytime. It complemented my complexion and I couldn't stop looking at my nails. Unfortunately, the klutz that I am managed to ruin my newly painted nails in just a matter of 30mins after leaving the nail salon. :( I didn't even get to show it off to anyone. I didn't have time to go back to have it re-touched. Since then I've looked in SM Makati for that bottle,nothing. The sales attendant didn't even know the color I was talking about. Then last month I went to Landmark and I passed by the Orly stall. They had a new collection and I just had to stop and look ( even though I've already told myself that I'll only buy 2 bottles of nail polish per payday,which I already the week before). I picked up a light orange bottle and when I saw the label under, I couldn't help but smile. The SA might have thought that I was going crazy. I was literally giggling over a bottle of nail polish. I might have thought the same thing if I was in her shoes. LOL. Enough of the babbling and let's get it on with the pictures. The first bottle of sunshine I'm going to show you is called "Festival Lights" from Orly. Sorry girls,I forgot the name of collection its from.

(DISCLAIMER:Most of the following pictures were taken using my phone,sorry for the blurry shots.)

*sigh* Ain't it pretty?Sunshine in a bottle, right?

Even Mr. Zombie-head is smiling in agreement :)

Just like other Orly bottles I've tried, the formula is great! Easy application. Though it would be more perfect if the brush was wider.

And now, for the second bottle this is from Etude House's Lucidarling Fantastic nails line. I'm not a big fan of glitter nail polish. Actually I'm not a fan at all. I don't find it pretty on my fingernails at all. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it but its just not my cup of tea (  in this case, its not my bottle of nail polish). I've seen this before but I just kept ignoring it. until Pam posted her swatches. It looked pretty on her and I thought it won't hurt in giving it a try. So here it is.Lucidarling Fantastic Nails #07. Why couldn't they give the bottles prettier names???

I'm only using a point-and-shoot camera and the shimmer still shows

Pretty...Pretty..Pretty..So vibrant!

And now, let's talk about a local brand Caress. I've been a fan of this local brand since I've started my nail polish affair. They have beautiful and unique colors. Let's not forget the price, too. Its only P23.75 per bottle. I saw this color just the other day and I couldn't keep myself from reaching for it. The formula was okay,just needs improvement with the brush too.

So freaggin' affordable and bright!

I was too lazy that day though to do a full-5-finger swatch,sorry.hehehe...But the picture actually shows more orange but in person it looks more red to me.

And now let's talk about my fave orange polish to date, this is The Face Shop OR202. I haven't given much attention to TFS's nail polished before. I've had 2 failed attempts before, they didn't get to meet my expectations once they were applied. But its a good thing I gave TFS another shot. This is jelly orange in person. 80% of the people who noticed my nails during that time liked it.This is only P99, such a great buy for a pretty nail polish.

Pre-clean up shot.Easy application. But since jelly nail polishes are sheer, I had to apply four coats.

There you go, my bottles of sunshine! Will post more soon. Do not hesitate or comment for any question or inquiry. And please watch out for my first give-away promo to celebrate my site's first anniversary. thank you for visiting! (^_^)