Sunday, April 24, 2011

My current fave books

I saw the movie version last year and I didn't like it that much.It was just okay. Nothing special, nothing amazing about it. Just last month, I've decided to read the book series. I fell in love with it! The books shows the magical world of Mythology. The author made me feel that I am part of the hero's quest. Which is something that the producers of the movie failed to do.I am reading the second book now and I hope it won't disappoint. 

This book is a continuation of the Percy Jackson book series but its about a different hero, Jason. This book offers more mystery and magic. Can't wait for the second book to come out. No news yet about that so far.

I'm currently into "anything Korean", especially drama and music. Its one of my guilty pleasures and I simply love it! It started about 2yrs ago when I started watching Boys Over Flowers. The boys are just gorgeous! I'd be a hypocrite if I'd say that my fantasy didn't include those boys and me being the leading lady.LOL. But it only lasted for a few months and only up to spending hours on the net to search for their pictures. My K-fever was revived last month when I accidentally watched a K-drama on KBS Global, Marry Me, Mary! was the title. It was just out of boredom and insomnia that I continued watching it. Then I got hooked. The story (for me) was cute and romantic. The main cast were so adorable! I will tell you more about my K-fever in the few days.

I'm here now about my new fave book, Popped! Its written by a local author and its about four girl BFFs that   were all into K-pop. The sisterhood was unexpected. They had different traits and personalities. But their love for K-pop brought them together and in the end, they've created a bond that helped each of them make their wildest dreams come true. A bond that's non-judgmental and brought the best out of each of them.Its a fun and romantic read.It made me realize my "2nd life dream",to go to Korea and to have my own adventure! I wish I have a friend or someone to share my K-fever though.That would be more fun.Now,I'm hoping I'd be able to create bonds lie that along the way.I definitely recommend that you read this book!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paper Cuts book launch

After a month of being quiet, I apologize for just posting again just now. The good 'ole bad habit of "katamaran" struck me again and depression came along too.hahaha...anyway,I'm back and please send me good vibes.

You all know my story about being an ex-nail-biter and that its only been recently that I had a change of heart. It was about 3rd quarter of last year that I had the urge to suddenly get nail extensions. A few days after, I've chanced upon an article in a newspaper about the author's obsession with nail polish. She made it sound to me that its something that even me can enjoy. I've always had really . . . really short fingernails and they were not just short but they were crooked and had ridges. I felt ashamed if someone would see them and its not good to have so many insecurities,right? So,the same day,after my shift. I went straight to SM Makati and bought 3 or 4 bottles of nail polish. The author of the article I read had a blog and I checked it out. I had fun reading her blog and she inspired me. She was an ex-nail-biter too so I guess I was able to relate myself to her posts. Her name's Pam Pastor and I love her! She launched her first book last January 28 and of course I didn't pass the chance to see her in person.

My two friends who accompanied me to the book launch Pat and Iris,who blackmailed me to buy them a copy of the book.hehehe...Love u guys!