Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Face Shop BL606

Last saturday, my sister and bro-in-law went to my sister's OB GYN for her monthly check up (she's now about 4mos preggy yey! ). After which my sister was so bored at home, because she's on bed rest, and she wanted to go malling after months of being just at home. So we went to Alabang Town Center to have lunch and do some shopping. We passed by The Face Shop store and I couldn't restrain myself from checking their line of nail nail polish. I was like a kid in a candy store, as usual, I didn't know which bottle to pick up first nor which color to fix my sight on. I've always wanted to have a light blue nail color. I saw this bottle and instantly fell in love with it! The pictures will speak for itself.

Doesn't the color look pretty on my toe nails in my espadrille peep-toe sandals??? Love it!!! BUT as much as I love the color, I don't like the consistency. Its too thick for me, I had a difficult time applying it and sometimes the brush would pick stroke away what I've already applied on. It's only P95 per bottle. Will post my swatches on the other two colors soon!

Ebay best-buys

I bought a number of nail polishes on Ebay from my trusted seller. She used to sell Korean branded make-up and skin care prods only before but she she also sells a few bottles of nail polish, still Korean brands. What I love about this "suki" of mine is that her price is about half of the mall prices and if you buy P300 or more of items, you'll a get a freebie or two. I immediately bought 7 bottles from her/him,'s snapshot of the colors that I've tried so far.

Skinfood Pedicure Vita #10 Midori Shower

Pardon my faux nails, the size looks awful right?looks so fake! That's why after wearing them for 5 days, I took off my fake nails and decided to paint and wear my real nails. They're not yet normal length but I love them just the same. I'm more confident to show off my nail polish to people now knowing that it's the real me!  (^_^)   anyway, with this bottle, I loved the color because its bright and when I look at it it kinda has a relaxing effect on me. And the consistency for me is just right, think enough to apply it easily.No bumps nor waves. The smell is also minimal, another thing I liked about Skinfood nail polishes.

Skinfood Nail Vita #BR613 Mocha Gold

Yup, you're seeing it right! I bid goodbye to my nail extensions and am now proudly wearing my own painted nails.   (^_^)  My nail bed on my ring finger, on both my hands, are still awkwardly short but I don't care. I'm starting to grow my finger nails long and I'm thankful for the polishes. I haven't picked nor bitten on my finger nails for 3weeks now since I've decided  to paint and wear my own nails. I just love Skinfood nail polishes! They're easy to apply on my really short nail beds. No lumps. No bumps. No lines. My sister also loves this color because it doesn't make your skin look darker. It helps to brighten up your hands complexion. This is also good if you want a subtle nail polish color.

I bought these babies at only P100 for each bottle. At the mall if not mistaken, they're around P185 or more.Not sure.

Skinfood Pedicure Vita #5 French Kiss

I'm not so crazy about this color. It looks different from inside the bottle to when its actually applied on the nails. bummer!  *pout*  I'm still searching for that perfect shade of purple on my nails. Any suggestions?Will post the other colors I've bought online in the next few days.  :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A mountain of goodness

A few weeks back, my Team Leader was officially promoted as one and so we had a celebration in the team to congratulate her. My teammates who were in charge of the whole thing bought the food and I got to taste this really  luscious cake. It was a surprise for my tastes buds so last week I bought one for me and my family.

Its has meringue as base of the cake then vanilla cake/bread then whipped cream for the top layer topped with shreds of white chocolate and crushed pineapple in the center. Not the usual combination for me. If I heard of it before tasting it, I would think that it would be too sweet but not at all.I'm not really a fan of choco cakes so this is one is now one of my faves! Its only P470 at Claudette's cake shop in Salcedo Villlage,called White Mountain. and oh! it also has a bit of chocolate at the bottom center.

Monday, October 18, 2010

more nail polishes.....

I've bought nail polishes on Ebay and here they are  . . . . . . . .

                                                                    with flash

                                                             without flash

The last one is a Bobbie Nail Treatment, it claims to help in growing my nails faster. Hmmmm...we'll see!These are 50% to 60% off from store prices.Such a bargain!I got the Skinfood for only P100 per bottle, the Etude House for P89 only.Fab-bargain finds huh?hehehe....I will post more pictures of my swatches when I have more time :)

NYX Girls nail polish - Bronze Goddess

I so this nail polish. I love the thin consistency because its easier to apply and faster to dry. When I wore this to the office, my co-workers said that its a casket's color but I don't care I still love it.I wore it for a week and no chipping.Its the same as my Wet N Wild Sapphire Blue, no waves nor strokes after drying.That's what I hate when a nail lacquer has thick consistency, it tends to leave marks of "waves" or bumps after.I bought this at Somera in Glorietta5 for only P150. Do you girls know any other retailer with a competitive price and wider variety of colors?Please share your sources hehehehe...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my new found love!

As far as I can remember, I've been torturing my nails (yes,both my finger and toe nails.but i don't bite toe nails,of course!).Biting them and nagkukutkot din ako ng nails (sorry,i couldn't think nor find an english counterpart of the word).Whenever I'm bored or thinking or just sitting in a classroom or on a bus, I'd do either of the two. I've tried many times to stop from my bad habit but it would only last for 2weeks or a month.Then I'd  do it again.Even up until now. My finger nails look like these since I was a kid:

I know,it looks so unattractive.yeah...yeah...yeah...and my fingers look like a bunch of longganisa pa.hahaha...My dad would even tease before that my fingernails have their own forehead hahaha...So anyway,I've heard about nail extensions at Dashing Diva at Beauty Bar branches. I went there about 3weeks ago with a couple of my co-workers.I had my nails done and availed of Virtual Nails which costs P800. It includes buffing your nails,application of the nail extensions and nail polish. They also offer a glass of Cosmopolitan for FREE!But this is only on Thursdays and Fridays.Dashing Diva have two kinds of nail extensions:Virtual Nails(P800) and Gelife (P1400-P1500).I'm just not sure what the difference is yet. Since this is my first attempt at serious nail care and "nail fashion:, I opted for the cheaper one.hahaha...I just wanted to experience having long nails and hoping that wearing them for 2-3weeks would help me to stop from torturing my nails. I loved it! I loved how it looked and felt like. At first,it was difficult for me to move and do stuff because I was used to having almost no nails at all. I got used to it after 2 days or so. Alot of people were complimenting my nails because they really looked fab. Unfortunately, I was so makulit and wanted to change my nail polish every week.Not knowing that the acetone would weaken the glue. While changing nail polish, one of my VN fell off.I was so inis that i just took them all off.after 2 days,I miss having long nails so I went to Watson's and looked for nail extensions. I found a set of French tip and tried them on.and the result:

Even though my new nails are just medium length, there's still a big difference right?The only thing i don't like about the nails I got from Watson's is the glue doesn't have much sticking power.After an hour of applying my nail extensions, one of them already fell off after washing my hands.So maybe what I'll do next is buy the nails from Watson's then buy the glue from Dashing Diva ('coz their glue lasted for almost 3weeks) hahaha...I just  love being girly and maarte!

and oh!I got my Wet N Wild nail polish from Ebay for only P40.I love the color.its so lively!I'll post more pictures of the nail polishes that I've bought from just everywhere.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rexona Naturals for Women

I can't remember when I've started having problems with my underarm discoloration but I know that I've been suffering from it for years now. I've tried several deodorants before that claim to whiten the UA. I've also tried whitening scrubs, lotion, creams, soaps, etc. But they just failed me miserably. I don't have hair growing on my underarm (that's one less problem for me hehehe..) so I guess that also contributes to darken my UA since there's nothing to kinda prevent friction.I'm full-figured, maybe that's a factor too??or hormonal imbalanace???i don't know or maybe all of them.

I bought this Rexona variant just because Watson in Southmall had a Buy1-Take1 promo on it that time.hehehe...I actually had no idea what it claims.Just the fact that its an anti-perspirant spray-on deo with natural ingredients.I was surprised that after 2-3days of use, my UA started to lighten and less chicken-skin too. I just don't like the smell after spraying it on.I find it kinda i always hold my breath when I use it. It doesn't leave any residue and it really controls my sweat.