Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Face Shop BL606

Last saturday, my sister and bro-in-law went to my sister's OB GYN for her monthly check up (she's now about 4mos preggy yey! ). After which my sister was so bored at home, because she's on bed rest, and she wanted to go malling after months of being just at home. So we went to Alabang Town Center to have lunch and do some shopping. We passed by The Face Shop store and I couldn't restrain myself from checking their line of nail nail polish. I was like a kid in a candy store, as usual, I didn't know which bottle to pick up first nor which color to fix my sight on. I've always wanted to have a light blue nail color. I saw this bottle and instantly fell in love with it! The pictures will speak for itself.

Doesn't the color look pretty on my toe nails in my espadrille peep-toe sandals??? Love it!!! BUT as much as I love the color, I don't like the consistency. Its too thick for me, I had a difficult time applying it and sometimes the brush would pick stroke away what I've already applied on. It's only P95 per bottle. Will post my swatches on the other two colors soon!


  1. nail polish talaga ang hilig mo. Kung malapit ka lang sana give you Essie.

  2. actually,its a new addiction of mine.hahaha...maybe almost 2mos palang.i used to bite and pick off my nails.but i read an article about loving your nails through nail polish and tadah! a newly convert to the wonderful world of nail polish!hehehe...aaaw....thanks for the thought gingerSnaps (^_^)