Monday, October 4, 2010

Rexona Naturals for Women

I can't remember when I've started having problems with my underarm discoloration but I know that I've been suffering from it for years now. I've tried several deodorants before that claim to whiten the UA. I've also tried whitening scrubs, lotion, creams, soaps, etc. But they just failed me miserably. I don't have hair growing on my underarm (that's one less problem for me hehehe..) so I guess that also contributes to darken my UA since there's nothing to kinda prevent friction.I'm full-figured, maybe that's a factor too??or hormonal imbalanace???i don't know or maybe all of them.

I bought this Rexona variant just because Watson in Southmall had a Buy1-Take1 promo on it that time.hehehe...I actually had no idea what it claims.Just the fact that its an anti-perspirant spray-on deo with natural ingredients.I was surprised that after 2-3days of use, my UA started to lighten and less chicken-skin too. I just don't like the smell after spraying it on.I find it kinda i always hold my breath when I use it. It doesn't leave any residue and it really controls my sweat.


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