Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steaks Unlimited

I was skeptic about this place before, it didn't look promising and I thought that their picture menu is just another Filipino entrepreneur's false marketing of their prods. You know what I mean,right? Like in the menu/ad the burger looks so big and tons of veggies in it BUT when its finally in front of you its suddenly the miniature version. The lettuce is a day old and the tomatoes are thinly sliced, the burger patty no where to be found.Aaargh...I hate it when that happens! Anyway, I gave this place a try and I'm glad that I did. Their T-bone steak is delish. All their food are P98 only, except for one. Even the desserts are really affordable. The downside is the space, its cramped.


I love that my T-bone swims in gravy...tasty gravy

Look at that menu, only 2 dishes are more than P98.

Not bad for an P88 dessert,right? Banana split is one of my all-time fave desserts!

These makes it my new fave spot to eat, a meal that fills me up but really tasty and also doesn't put a hole in my wallet. Another downside is that the banana split can't be prepared for take-out and their drinks only come in one size. A regular sized-glass.pbfft!

Colorful treasures

Etude House  opened a store in SM Southmall Las Pinas and i love it! The store is so girly and their prods are  affordable. I got so excited when I saw their store, unfortunately I didn't bring my camera then. But I did buy 3 of their nail polishes. On my second trip there, I bought another 6. hahaha...Enough blabbering and take a look at these babies.

GR605 (im currently wearing) and PP902

I bough a second bottle of  PP902 on my second visit to EH, I just love the pueple-ness of it

GR605 it looks different though in real life, I really need a camera with better lens

now this shot is a bit closer to reality. alot of my co-workers complimented this color.

PP902 it looks black in this shot but take a look at the picture below, that's the real color. i put glitters on my middle fingernail. it kinda looked like Velvet rope of Orly.

i really really love its purple-ness!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bobbie LUSH

I really love green nail polish, its cool to the eyes and there's soooo many shades to choose from. And from my last post until now I've been around the shops looking for pretty nail polishes. I was lucky that I've found a number of colorful treasures, mostly from Etude House. My first post though would be about a local fab find. here you go! :)

It really is a lush color ain't it? :) I'll look for more pretty colors from Bobbie soon. Hope they'll create more colors like this, its always red or tan/beige that they focus on. I hope they give us more fun and unique colors.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010