Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steaks Unlimited

I was skeptic about this place before, it didn't look promising and I thought that their picture menu is just another Filipino entrepreneur's false marketing of their prods. You know what I mean,right? Like in the menu/ad the burger looks so big and tons of veggies in it BUT when its finally in front of you its suddenly the miniature version. The lettuce is a day old and the tomatoes are thinly sliced, the burger patty no where to be found.Aaargh...I hate it when that happens! Anyway, I gave this place a try and I'm glad that I did. Their T-bone steak is delish. All their food are P98 only, except for one. Even the desserts are really affordable. The downside is the space, its cramped.


I love that my T-bone swims in gravy...tasty gravy

Look at that menu, only 2 dishes are more than P98.

Not bad for an P88 dessert,right? Banana split is one of my all-time fave desserts!

These makes it my new fave spot to eat, a meal that fills me up but really tasty and also doesn't put a hole in my wallet. Another downside is that the banana split can't be prepared for take-out and their drinks only come in one size. A regular sized-glass.pbfft!

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