Saturday, September 17, 2011

Essie Nail Corrector Pen

I'm a nail polish addict and I love doing my own nails. But since I don't have a pair of steady hands, I'd always end up painting over and beyond my nail bed.Just like a 4 year old kid on sugar rush. Even my penmanship is similar to that of a 1st grader.Tsk. 

I found different generic nail polish corrector pen from different websites. It costs around P400 - P450,but the tip isn't replaceable.Unlike this one from Essie, it came with 3 tip replacements. Haven't tried changing the tip on mine though, but I've used it for several months now.

I love this item. Its easy to use and it doesn't smell.

                                                                    Love it!

The felt tip gives more control for maneuvering and get into the corners of the fingernails. Here's the tip with light.

And here's a picture of the used tip with just regular room lighting.. See how worn out the tip is? hehehe...... It also releases the right amount of nail polish remover from the tip when its pressed. Depending on the pressure applied.

I'd say that this is quite a really good investment for me as a nail polish addict who likes paint my own nails for fun. I bought this in Rustan's for only P450., which can be used four times than then generic ones which also costs as much. Actually that makes the generic corrector pens more expensive. :) Feel free to leave a comment or suggestions,okay?Thanks for visiting!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Etude House PP904

Etude House has always been one of my fave nail polish shopping spots. I also adore their bottle's size, medium. I'd sometimes get over a color after 2 or 3 applications, so if its a big bottle, it would just end up gathering dust in my storage. If its a mini, it would be a difficult application for me. I don't really have a delicate set of fingers. 

Anyway, I found this color and fell in love with it immediately. I saw it as an "old rose" color kinda like a classic color for a scarf. This is PP904. I think "P" stands for pink.

It looked okay but but not great. But it didn't look awful either. But somehow, I didn't feel the love as much as when I first saw it.

                                                 It looked lovely in the bottle, right?

Again, I think it looked okay but not great on me. I guess its just not a color for me. Maybe its a color for you.I'll be including this color with my first anniversary giveaway soon.  (^_^)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

L.A. Colors Swatchfest

I'd occasionally check Ebay for nail polish bottles that are not available locally. Its now become a habit. About a couple of months ago, I got lucky and found these bottles of L.A. Colors and I got them for a really. . .really great price, P100 for three bottles! What a bargain,right? I don't remember if the listing indicated if its used nor new, but hey, for a P100 price for all three aint that bad still right? Without blinking, I clicked on the "Buy It Now" button. Two days after, I received the package. I was so excited to paint my nails with them. 

The formula was great! Easy to work with and they dry fast. The size of the bottle was also perfect for me, not too big nor was it too small. The opacity was also not a problem, I was satisfied with two coats. Enjoy the photos ladies.Wish I could get my hands on more L.A. Colors nail polish, I really love them. Feel free to leave a comment or message for me. :)