Monday, September 12, 2011

Etude House PP904

Etude House has always been one of my fave nail polish shopping spots. I also adore their bottle's size, medium. I'd sometimes get over a color after 2 or 3 applications, so if its a big bottle, it would just end up gathering dust in my storage. If its a mini, it would be a difficult application for me. I don't really have a delicate set of fingers. 

Anyway, I found this color and fell in love with it immediately. I saw it as an "old rose" color kinda like a classic color for a scarf. This is PP904. I think "P" stands for pink.

It looked okay but but not great. But it didn't look awful either. But somehow, I didn't feel the love as much as when I first saw it.

                                                 It looked lovely in the bottle, right?

Again, I think it looked okay but not great on me. I guess its just not a color for me. Maybe its a color for you.I'll be including this color with my first anniversary giveaway soon.  (^_^)

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