Sunday, May 29, 2011

MAC Quite Cute

Yesterday I was in Glorietta and I passed by the MAC counter hoping this time they would have new nail poish bottles.Since I started my nail polish addiction last year,I would pass by that place to buy a bottle or two.I've read good reviews about their nail polish formula and the colors themselves.Unfortunately, I think the MAC fairy doesn't like me, I've never had a chance to buy a bottle.They always only have the nude colors.The colors that I like are NEVER available.I was hoping yesterday that I'd get my hands on the Quite Cute collection. But nope,the MAC fairy decided that I'm not worthy. :( I asked the sales assistant if they'll have new bottles arriving soon or if their other branches still have them.She said,"WALA NA PO TALAGA.WALA NA PONG DARATING" (Their already out of stock.We won't be replenishing them.Even with our other branches). And just like that, I felt my heart crack.I tested all three of them and my heart cracked some more. :(

(swatches courtesy of

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fake nail polish???

I was browsing through multiply earlier searching for an E-tailer of quality nail polishes.Then I stumbled upon this page,it had a TRUSTED SELLER badge from multiply so I checked it out with confidence.But when I opened one of the thumbnails here's the intro I got instead...........

kalerky!!! Has any of you heard or read about this before?Is this really a fake?Because I know that with cellphones when they say its a "China phone" it means that its a replica.Is it the same with this?Feel free to leave a comment please if you know something about this. Thanks!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I couldn't remember when it all started but I know that my K-fever started with Boys Over Flowers. I didn't get to watch it while it was airing on ABS CBN because I already saw Meteor Garden and eventhough I loved it, I was pretty sure it  has the same story and all.My best friend was watching it on DVD,then I got hooked!I watched the whole series in just 2 days.I felt like I was part of the story and I was the lead girl.LOL.seriously.It was a weekend of kilig and fantasy.A couple of months after, the BOF fever had died down.I stopped using their pictures as my wallpaper.I stopped researching about the uber-cute actors.Back to my normal life.

And then I've accidentally discovered this series on cable. It was about a girl caught in the middle between her father's wishes to marry his old friend's son(who's rich and will pay all their debt) and a love developed overtime with an independent rock band leader that started by pretending that they are married.Its a simple sotyr line but its entertaining.I loved each of the characters.There's no bad guy/good guy. Its about living your life as much as you can and how to work around compromised situations in life.And of course,the kilig factor is at maximum!hehehe...Just like that,my K-fever is hotter than ever!I started listening and researching on Korean boy bands and K-pop.50% of the songs on my Ipod now is K-pop LOL.
Kang Mu Gyul (Jang Geun Suk) and Wi  Mary (Moon Geun Young)

This is one of my favorite scenes, this is when the three of them realized that its no longer a game pretensions for all three of them.


And here's two of my fave K-pop boy bands......2pm and Super Junior (I feel bad that I didn't know about Super Junior when they had a concert here before). I've also posted my fave video so far of Super Junior.Hope you'll like it too. :)

If there any of you out there who are also into the K-fever,leave me a message.I would love to know people who's into it,too. :)


I am now preparing a trip to Korea and I'll be registering for a language class.Wish me luck! (^_^)