Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fake nail polish???

I was browsing through multiply earlier searching for an E-tailer of quality nail polishes.Then I stumbled upon this page,it had a TRUSTED SELLER badge from multiply so I checked it out with confidence.But when I opened one of the thumbnails here's the intro I got instead...........

kalerky!!! Has any of you heard or read about this before?Is this really a fake?Because I know that with cellphones when they say its a "China phone" it means that its a replica.Is it the same with this?Feel free to leave a comment please if you know something about this. Thanks!


  1. true sissy maraming replica. Ingat sa fakes!

  2. onga eh,just found out about it.I was about to buy pa man din from that online seller.Good thing I saw the post first.ganda pa man din NP brands that she's selling :( and her fake items are more expensive than the real ones.When u buy it at the mall its only P350.