Sunday, May 29, 2011

MAC Quite Cute

Yesterday I was in Glorietta and I passed by the MAC counter hoping this time they would have new nail poish bottles.Since I started my nail polish addiction last year,I would pass by that place to buy a bottle or two.I've read good reviews about their nail polish formula and the colors themselves.Unfortunately, I think the MAC fairy doesn't like me, I've never had a chance to buy a bottle.They always only have the nude colors.The colors that I like are NEVER available.I was hoping yesterday that I'd get my hands on the Quite Cute collection. But nope,the MAC fairy decided that I'm not worthy. :( I asked the sales assistant if they'll have new bottles arriving soon or if their other branches still have them.She said,"WALA NA PO TALAGA.WALA NA PONG DARATING" (Their already out of stock.We won't be replenishing them.Even with our other branches). And just like that, I felt my heart crack.I tested all three of them and my heart cracked some more. :(

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