Sunday, November 28, 2010

Colorful treasures

Etude House  opened a store in SM Southmall Las Pinas and i love it! The store is so girly and their prods are  affordable. I got so excited when I saw their store, unfortunately I didn't bring my camera then. But I did buy 3 of their nail polishes. On my second trip there, I bought another 6. hahaha...Enough blabbering and take a look at these babies.

GR605 (im currently wearing) and PP902

I bough a second bottle of  PP902 on my second visit to EH, I just love the pueple-ness of it

GR605 it looks different though in real life, I really need a camera with better lens

now this shot is a bit closer to reality. alot of my co-workers complimented this color.

PP902 it looks black in this shot but take a look at the picture below, that's the real color. i put glitters on my middle fingernail. it kinda looked like Velvet rope of Orly.

i really really love its purple-ness!


  1. wow.. i didn't know etude house opened a store already in southmall. i'm from las pinas too.. i've found out from another blogger that tfs nail polish are on buy 2 take 1 promo. should go in southmall na, can't wait for my off (i work in callcenter tooÜ)

    new follower here =)

  2. hi rosey.thanks for visiting. :) Etude House's store is on the West wing,near the department store's entrance. I'll be posting the picture soon. Just the door though, they didn;t allow me to take pictures of the stores. hehehe...I didn't know TFS has that promo now. I was looking for them but I couldn't find their temp store. Would you know where? hehehe...

  3. sis, andun sila malapit sa all flip flops. yung dating dept store..