Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A mountain of goodness

A few weeks back, my Team Leader was officially promoted as one and so we had a celebration in the team to congratulate her. My teammates who were in charge of the whole thing bought the food and I got to taste this really  luscious cake. It was a surprise for my tastes buds so last week I bought one for me and my family.

Its has meringue as base of the cake then vanilla cake/bread then whipped cream for the top layer topped with shreds of white chocolate and crushed pineapple in the center. Not the usual combination for me. If I heard of it before tasting it, I would think that it would be too sweet but not at all.I'm not really a fan of choco cakes so this is one is now one of my faves! Its only P470 at Claudette's cake shop in Salcedo Villlage,called White Mountain. and oh! it also has a bit of chocolate at the bottom center.

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