Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ebay best-buys

I bought a number of nail polishes on Ebay from my trusted seller. She used to sell Korean branded make-up and skin care prods only before but she she also sells a few bottles of nail polish, still Korean brands. What I love about this "suki" of mine is that her price is about half of the mall prices and if you buy P300 or more of items, you'll a get a freebie or two. I immediately bought 7 bottles from her/him,'s snapshot of the colors that I've tried so far.

Skinfood Pedicure Vita #10 Midori Shower

Pardon my faux nails, the size looks awful right?looks so fake! That's why after wearing them for 5 days, I took off my fake nails and decided to paint and wear my real nails. They're not yet normal length but I love them just the same. I'm more confident to show off my nail polish to people now knowing that it's the real me!  (^_^)   anyway, with this bottle, I loved the color because its bright and when I look at it it kinda has a relaxing effect on me. And the consistency for me is just right, think enough to apply it easily.No bumps nor waves. The smell is also minimal, another thing I liked about Skinfood nail polishes.

Skinfood Nail Vita #BR613 Mocha Gold

Yup, you're seeing it right! I bid goodbye to my nail extensions and am now proudly wearing my own painted nails.   (^_^)  My nail bed on my ring finger, on both my hands, are still awkwardly short but I don't care. I'm starting to grow my finger nails long and I'm thankful for the polishes. I haven't picked nor bitten on my finger nails for 3weeks now since I've decided  to paint and wear my own nails. I just love Skinfood nail polishes! They're easy to apply on my really short nail beds. No lumps. No bumps. No lines. My sister also loves this color because it doesn't make your skin look darker. It helps to brighten up your hands complexion. This is also good if you want a subtle nail polish color.

I bought these babies at only P100 for each bottle. At the mall if not mistaken, they're around P185 or more.Not sure.

Skinfood Pedicure Vita #5 French Kiss

I'm not so crazy about this color. It looks different from inside the bottle to when its actually applied on the nails. bummer!  *pout*  I'm still searching for that perfect shade of purple on my nails. Any suggestions?Will post the other colors I've bought online in the next few days.  :)

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