Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NYX matte nail polish

About two weeks ago I went to Glorietta 5 to visit a bookstore that was having a sale. Got hungry so I went upstairs to grab a bite. On the way I saw the store where I bought my first bottle of NYX nail polish (sorry,I can't remember the name of the store.The ladies there aren't so friendly.But they sell all sort of PX goods.Its near the escalator.). So I peeked and saw that they have the matte collection of NYX. But since I'm not much of a matte lover (plus the colors aren't that unique), I only bought 2 bottles.Matte Orange and Matte Navy,they weren't given a proper name.Sad.

For a matte nail polish,its not that matte at all.The middle and pinky fingers had Essie Matte About You on them.The other 2 fingers doesn't have any kind of top coat.

Same thing,middle and pinky fingers coated with Essie Matte About You.

And here's the glossy version.I used Caronia colorless top coat on this picture.It doesn't complement my complexion whether glossy nor matte.

                                        The shade actually looks more red-orange than orange.

But what I can say is that for a matte nail polish,its pretty easy to work with.Its not chalky nor too thick,for the formula that is.The brush is just kind of hard to maneuver because the cap is wide and round.It was hard to get a grip.

That's NYX Matte Orange for you.

And now,I'd like you to meet NYX Matte Navy.

Just like what the name says, its a navy blue bottle. Consistency was great too.Not too think but not runny as well. Great formula for a matte nail polish.I usually would have problems with matte nail polish because it tends to gather at the bottle's opening.And after a few minutes of application,it tends to be gooey.But not for these babies. Again, you might have a slight problem with the brush due to the round-wide cap.

Quite shiny for a matte nail polish,right?

If you want really matte,you would need a matte top coat.Here the index and ring fingers have the Essie Matte About You top coat.While the middle and pinky fingers are glossed with Seche Vite.As you can see, it looks black when its glossy.

                                               Which do you prefer,glossy or matte????

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