Friday, August 26, 2011

Etude House GR608

I'm a fan of  nail polishes from Etude House. The bottle sis just the right size, not too big nor too small. The colors varies from safe nudes to bright-popping colors. Its very affordable too, the price ranges from P49 to P129 per bottle, depending on the collection. Here's a color that's not available locally, I don't know why but I call that discrimination ( hehehe!).  

This is called GR608 (why can't they give cuter names to their nail polishes??sigh.). I found this color on Ebay from a trusted seller. Its a really cool and cute shade of green. I call it avocado green. :) 

The names are located at the bottom of the bottles.

The color is great plus the consistency.But the opacity is a flop.Its very. . .very sheer!This was four coats but it looked too heavy on my nails.Very thick.Its like I used play-doh to color my fingernails.

See what I mean? Its too bad, I really love the color.But its just not pigmented enough.

In the next pictures  I've applied  OPI Black shatter  ( index and ring fingers) and Etude House Black crackle (middle and pinky finmgers)

Can you see the difference between OPI Black Shatter and the Etude House crackle polish? I love OPI Black Shatter because its not a cracked effect, it looks more like a 3 year old kid scribbled on your fingernails :) Love it!

GR608 is one of the Etude House nail colors that looks great but the formula isn't user friendly. I've tried wearing it twice but both attempts is a complete failure. The color complements my complexion but I tend to apply more coatings to make sure it won't have bald spots. I'm not sure if this color is available at other Etude House stores but if you like it, shoot me an email so I can give you the details of my trusted seller. :)


  1. I love the color, it really looks great! It looks a bit neon/ jelly to me, I guess that's why it is sheer. Try it with a white base first; i think the color will be more vibrant, and you wouldn't have problems w/ opacity. ;)

  2. tried that too but it didn't look good.I'll try a different base coat next time.thanks for the info still. :)