Sunday, June 26, 2011

2ne1:The Party

I've already told you guys about my K-pop/K-drama addiction.I've started collecting Cds and Dvds  and some fan stuff.Before I didn't know where to look for those,only in Ebay and Multiply. Even in malls, they have very limited options for fangirls like me.Then I found out ( from a certain Ebay seller) that sometimes there K-events around the Metro.I asked and asked,then I was told that every time there's gonna be a concert  (a Korean artist ,or any Asian pop artist for that matter), a K-fiesta is held right before the event.This got me all excited and giggle for days because we were going to attend 2ne1's concert,The Party.

So I didn't let the chance pass-by and I arrived at Araneta Coliseum about 2hrs before the concert.While I was in the cab I was giggling and can't stop smiling.Listening to SuJu music didn't help to calm me down either.When I got to the venue,the only emotion I felt was confusion.I thought I was in a college fair.There were troops and troops of college and HS girls everywhere I look.I suddenly felt old,an "ahjumma". :( Why didn't we have a K-pop/K-drama invasion back in my HS/college days?? (well,there was an F4 Fever but it wasn't like this)

Like what I've said,troops and troops of school girls

There were also a number of stalls selling K-pop merchs. Some are best buy,some are rip-off's,as expected.

And I'm so glad I  got a chance to buy these:

The SS1 cd+dvd was on sale at Php1200 only,pretty cheap.It usually sells at around Php1800 - Php2200.Best buy,right?While the Sorry,Sorry album was sold to me at Php300 (I think,I already forgot)
.The shoutouts were Php50 each.I've been looking for the Dvd of SuJu for the longest time.I wanted to see them perform ever since I saw their Bonamana MV.Suju did not disappoint me.I love watching their Dvd concert.

And now,let's go to the nail polish part.It was the first concert I've gone to and I wanted wear something  vibrant,a color that screams "POP!" I was choosing between CG Reggae to Riches and 
Icing Neon Yellow ( that's the actual color,I just gave it a didn't have a name neither on the bottle nor the packaging)

China Glaze Reggae to Riches

Icing neon yellow (pre-clean up)

I've never worn a neon nail polish before so I thought this would be the perfect event to wear one.I wore Icing to the 2ne1 concert/not-2ne1-concert and I loved it!

 My ring finger has a matte top coat here,I thought it was cool but I changed my mind.It looked better as a glossy nail polish.

 I loved how it looked on my nails.I'd occasionally stare at them and I wore the color for a week.I didn't clean it up before the application because I ran out of time but it turned out ok.It wasn't that obvious naman na messy.And I think it actually complements my complexion,don't you think?

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