Sunday, September 5, 2010

beauty haul for this week

I was bored at work last saturday and couldn't work at all. I browsed through the GirlTalk forum and got excited with some of the prods that the sisses raved about. I was planning to go to SM Megamall to shop but i got tamad. So instead I went to SM Makati right after my shift. I dind't know that they had a sale going on, the crowd was so packed! But of course, I still managed to to roam around and shop. hehehe... I fell in love with SM Makati's department store because they had tons of brands and prods to choose from. Local brands to imported ones. There were make-ups, hair care, soaps, organic prods,perfume etc. They also had stalls for some of the famous Korean cosmetic brands: Skinfood, Beauty Credit,, Etude House and Elianto ( their prods say Made in Korea but its distributed by a company in Malaysia) and another brand but I couldn't remember the name. I might go back next week, hehehe... Anyway, here's what I've bought. Most of these prods would be my first time to use so I just bought a piece each. Hoping to get the same great results as the girls from GT. Will keep you guys updated.  (^_^)

         I've been using the Monea Power Dose for the past month as my weekly hair treatment and so far its been doing its job for my hair. Its keeping split ends at bay (since i flat iron my hair everyday) and lessens the frizz.

        I've tried the Myra-E tinted moisturizer before but I didn't like it much because of the shimmer. But I wanted to give it a second chance. My sister took the first tube I've bought hence the new one. I'm gonna try it with the Ellana HD white choco finishing powder this time, hope it'll control my oilies, to cover the shimmer. Will try the iWhite make up base too.

        I've read some good raves about the Mena pearl cream that it tamed their pimples and lightened the pimple marks. I've gonna try it on the pimples on my chest.

        I've read, or watched, somewhere that using a mask is also good for the skin on your face. So I'm gonna road test the PureDerm Strawberry Yogurt pack and Dual Well-Being Pack and see if it'll work wonders for my skin. I also bought the Nature's Garden peeling gel, but I don' know yet when I'm gonna try it. hehehe...

*fingers crossed*

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