Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nature's Garden Gluta-Peel Exfolian Gel

all right gals, its time for my review on the stuff I've bought a few weeks back.

First of....

Nature's Garden Gluta-Peel exfolating Gel  ( this is about P160-P180 at Watson's, sorry I forgot the exact amount)

When I read the back panel, I thought it was something like The Cure Aqua Gel. Its also an affordable product that promises to give you that fair and youthful looking skin after using it. And the fact that you can use it as well on other parts of your body is a plus-point too. When you pour it onto your palm it would have a watery-gel consistency and transparent. It has no scent, too. I applied it all over my face and followed the instructions but I was disappointed because even before you massage too all of your face it would already dry up. Like a dried-up glue. My skin didn't feel anything at all when it was on my face. I didn't even get to rub off the dried gel on my face. It wouldn't budge. I felt like there was a film of plastic on my face (its not tight but the appearance is like that) thus the dead skin cells is still on my face. I didn't notice any effect at all after washing. I'll just have to use it on my knees and elbows so that it won't sayang hehehe...Maybe its just me or hindi lang talaga ako hiyang to this prod. Let's see if it'll do something good on my knees and elbows.

RATING: 0 (since I didn't feel anything nor nor noticed anything when I used the product. By the way, I tried to use this every other night for 2 consecutive weeks. didn't have the luxury to do it twice everyday. )

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