Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Purederm Strawberry Yogurt pack

the yummy facial mask:

I love the feel of this mask because its smells and feels yummy. Just like the edible yogurt I'd eat as a snack,hehehe...Its creamy and one 10ml pack is good for two usage. I felt that the prod is working because I felt a subtle tingling feeling on my face. It doesn't sting though which is good because its really gentle. I'm morena so I can't say if it made my skin glow but then again, the prod doesn't claim to give me that result.Its fine. After using  it, my face does feel a bit softer but it wouldn't last long though.Only about a few hours. So I guess I really should use this long term, just like any other prod to see the results talaga. It also says at the pack of the pack that it helps to prevent pimples, that I hope they can really deliver.But this is sooo worth the buy at only P29.50 per pack at Watson's. I enjoy applying this prod on my face so I'll keep you gals posted what it'll do to my skin pa. (^_^)


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