Friday, July 29, 2011

Its raining Minis courtesy of Gingersnaps

Since I've started this blog mid last year, I've been more focused (dare I say it, obsessed) with nail polish. It helped me stop torturing my fingernails and start loving them. It gave me an avenue to express a bit of myself without doing any permanent changes to my body nor receive piercing glares from others.I've been blessed to have followers even though I'm not much of a writer.I've also been following a blog caled Pretty Little Thing, owned by a really sweet lady named Ginger.She's a Filipina based in Europe who loves cosmetics and food,among others. We've been commenting on each other's blogs for awhile now.She came home to the Philippines back in June and we were supposed to meet up but due to her hectic schedule,the plan didn't happened.She just sent me instead a a cute package.So sweet of her.And when I say cute,I'm not kidding.The bottles were so cute!Love it!

 When I opened the package,the scent of the gift wrap was so nice!So fragrant.

The colors are feminine,which is so like Ginger.If you'll visit her blog,you'll know what I mean.They're not nude but still colors for a lady.

She posted about this cuticle cream on her blog too and she knew that I was still in the search for a cuticle cream.Just as she promised,she sent me my own mini-jar.Again,so nice of her right?

Now,with this part,I think she somehow read my thoughts or something. I'm not much of a glitter-polish-lover but I saw swatches of this collection and I wanted to try them.But I don't wanna buy the big bottles 'coz I might not like them on my nails.She solved my dilemma just like that.

Look how cute they are,the fit perfectly into my palm.cuteness!

Awesome collection of colors

What did I say,cuteness right?Ginger is just awesome!We'd better meet for up for dinner next time your in town,I'll treat you for some Korean.hehehe...And your bottles are also waiting for you sissy. :) Thanks again!


My work had been draining my life force which gives me no time and energy for my me-time,so sorry for the lack of updates and posts BUT I promise that starting next week I will find more time for my blog.I've been shopping and swatching like a crazy person but just couldn't find time to post about it.I will post swatches of these soon and I promise to make it up to you guys.Please watch out for my first give away promo,it will be a celebration of all sorts!Stay tuned.......

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